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Brice RemaleySource :

I trust Dr Flores 100% and have the upmost respect for him. An amazing doctor - a ninja with a scalpel, he removed the daily pain that I had been experiencing in my shoulders. Flores repaired my left rotator cuff and 6 months later fixed the other side. It was a rough year but now they are pain free and strong. I can’t say enough good things about the positive experiences I’ve had with Dr. Flores.

Richard PetersonSource :

My experience with Dr Flores has been excellent in all respects. He takes his time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I have never felt like our time was rushed. He repaired my shoulder that another doctor botched. It is as good as ever now. I cant phathom any of the negative reports I have read. I have referred a number of folks to him and everyone has had the same experience as me.

hovendicSource :

Dr. Flores repaired rotator cuff re-tears (from a previous surgeon/procedure) and bicep re-attachments on both shoulders. Great outcomes - couldn't be happier.

Michael BlayneySource :

I read some of the reviews in here and I a stunned! I could not have had a better experience with Dr. Flores and his staff.
I have bad arthritis in my knee and I enjoy running marathons. I feared that my running days were over when I had my 3rd surgery with a different Dr. and it felt like nothing was done to my knee.
The first thing Dr. Flores said was that he would do would be everything to get me back out running, even offering some new procedures with bone marrow stem cells that help with arthritis.
After the surgery and bone marrow aspiration I had fantastic results. I have trained and ran 5 marathons after the previous Dr. said that my running days were through. However, with Dr. Flores and his staff I am pain free and still running like I enjoy! I cannot recommend them enough! They got me my active lifestyle back and I am SO THANKFUL!

Angela ScottSource :

Experience was superb. As a 30 year veteran nurse I was impressed by his bedside manner towards my husbands care. My husband could not stand or walk for a prolonged period or shift gears in his rig in the city driving, however now he’s able to do it all and more. Thanks Dr. Flores and your great team!!!

Patricia HallSource :

Dr Flores took care of my sons torn LCL after another Dr in California completely flubbed up his surgery. In the end he completely reconstructed my sons knee. His knee is better than ever. He has no pain and is back to 100% in the sports he plays. He saved my sons knee. We refer everyone to him. Best knee surgeon in Houston.

Jeff WoodSource :

Dr. Flores is very professional, I badly tore my meniscus, had heavy repair surgery, and the scar looks great. The reviews about wait times must be very unlucky. I get there early and am seen early every time and I've seen him for 4 visits thus far. Granted a couple of visits were with his PA, but he was in the operating room during the surgery and I feel is very capable.

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